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Fun rugs for chick interiors

Posted by Agnes Madry on

Art of weaving

Polish artists designed a collection of rugs that are hand-knotted and woven on a vertical loom by artisans in Poland using kilim weaving techniques. ArtQuest features a patchwork of colorful designs, lines, and shapes with neutral black, beige, blue and green backgrounds. The series is made entirely of sheep wool sourced in Poland. It is offered in various sizes.


Area Rug 67 in x 94

Polish Kilim Area Rug


Area rug 55 in x 77 in

Contemporary carpets for home, office, and more

Though accent pieces such as luminaires, rugs, and furniture have the ability to be swapped on a whim based on the client or tenant, classic designs are meant for the long haul. These contemporary floor coverings use bright colors and dynamic patterns to refresh time-tested designs and materials, ensuring them a lasting spot in spaces demanding a bold focal point.

Fields, Area Rug, 60 in x 78 in

Area Rug, 60 in x 78 in

Polish Kilim Area Rug Diagonals II 69 x 98

Area Rug, 69 in x 98 in





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